Help us celebrate one year of Dance Central 3!It’s been a whole year since the release of Dance Central 3 and we’re looking for other fans to help us celebrate! Got some artistic muscle? Show us by creating something to commend the occasion! Can’t draw? No bigs; you can still make a sign, bake some Dance Central cupcakes, take some pictures in a cosplay? Surprise us! If you need more incentive, October 16 is also Rasa’s birthday! Why not celebrate by drawing the big boss something nice. Submit your work here and on October 16 we’ll be spending the day posting all of your entries (keep it clean!) and tweeting trivia and other fun stuff from our Twitter account (@FlawlessFrStyle)! Follow us, don’t miss out!The Dance Central fanbase has been a little quiet lately. We think it’s a good occasion to make some noise! Spread the word and get some buzz going! October 16 we’ll be celebrating one year with the best dance game in the world! See you then!